Theaterland Promotions is a booking agency and artist management company providing the whole range of work needed to help artists be successful:

  • General management
  • Worldwide Booking
  • Tour management
  • Promoting  our own events
  • Marketing
  • Event management

Theaterland Promotions strongly believes that artists provide something beautiful and important to this world. Acting as the “middle man” between the artist and venues, festivals, record labels, publishers and promoters, our responsibility lies with our artists to ensure fair and honest working conditions. We respect and honor the work and energy any artist puts into their product and we believe that they should be met with similar respect by everyone they chose to work with.

With a background of working in one of the most prestigious venues in Berlin, booking worldwide shows for international artists, and managing and promoting big events, the Theaterland Promotions team provides the whole package of artist management and promotion. Awards, sold-out shows and long-term careers of our artists all speak for themselves.

Meet The Team

Viola Streich

Managing Director

Marco Scholz